The Kinsey Report
Barry Otto

Barry’s Recollections:

At a very early age my family moved from "The Chocolate Box" (Melbourne Road Flats) to Mayflower Road, Sydenham. It was just by chance that we lived just a few houses from the Russen's and the Fataar's. This is how my brother, Roland, and I got to know Ricky and Brendan as we were just kids playing games together. Ricky was often called away from a game (whatever it was) to play the drums. We became infatuated with the music that the Flames were playing. After my mother's death we moved back to "The Flats" (flat 42) and this time we lived right next to Peter Davids (Flat 41) and Rudy Johnson (flat 47) of the Wild Things fame. Blondie lived on the sixth floor (flat 65) and also was with the Wild Things at that time. With all that music being played all around us we just could not avoid being attracted to Beatles Music and playing the guitar. Another great influence on my music was my cousin, Ortel Singh. He used to get me singing harmony for him. I think that we were also greatly taken up with Ivan Spies’ guitar prowess and singing ability. After my father's death we moved to Red Hill and once again there were young bands just everywhere. I think there was the Ginger Crush, the Lynx just across the road and not too far away was the Big 4. Roland and I received our first break in music when we won a local Talent contest. We were invited to join a band which eventually became "Creation" with Brendan Russen (lead guitar), Marty Duchesne (who worked with me at James Brown and Hamer) on bass, Glen Beaumont (rhythm), Keith Beaumont on drums and Roland and I doing the vocals. When Glen left the group, he was replaced by Victor Duval. When the band broke up I went on singing at the Himalaya Supper Club. It was here where I met Don Stanton and Danny Joseph. Don was ill at that time and invited me to fill in for him at a night club in the city. One night while performing there members of the Golden City Dixies arrived to watch the show. I was offered a spot on their show and accepted. During this time I also performed at other venues including the Pelican and the Green Cat. Living in South Africa during the apartheid era really was a catalyst to getting to know everyone in the area, school or whatever. Now that I live in Australia I may know the person next door (if I'm lucky) or maybe across the road. When we lived in the Flats, we knew everyone in the whole building. The same was true in Mayflower Road. We knew everyone in the whole street and beyond. Just my short story.

Music Tracks:

Banana Boat Song Old Man River Amor I Gotta Be Me
Updated 05 April 2024
Keith Beaumont (Drums), Glen Beaumont (Guitar), Brendan Russen (Lead guitar), Marty (Bass), Barry & Roland Otto (Vocals)