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Steve Fataar Steve, or Marnie, Fataar could be considered the “godfather” of pop music in South Africa. It seems as if he’s been there forever. Steve’s interest in music started in the mid-fifties as a teenager. He took naturally to the guitar, and was soon performing playing the music of his favourite artists at that time, including Cliff Richard and The Shadows, Buddy Holly and the Everly Brothers among others. He had that wonderful ability to hear music just once and a mental replica stayed in his mind. One of my earliest memories of this was his coming to me to ask about a song that he had heard once by Cliff Richard. I taught him the song, but he could play the guitar riff even though he had heard it only once. That night he performed the song in a talent contest at the Admiral Hotel and was placed second. This wasn’t the first time that he had entered one of these contests. He had persuaded his mother rather reluctantly to drive him there on a few occasions. he was later joined by Brother Fataar and this led to the idea of forming a band which became The Flames. Steve achieved much with The Flames which is recognised as being the formost rock/soul group to eminate from South Africa. The Flames later moved to England and then to the USA where they had limited success because of limited opportunities. Steve decided that te USA wasn’t quite the place that he wanted to make home, and probably, felt that the environment he was living and working in wasn’t true to his own ideas. And so he returned to South Africa where he continued to play the music he enjoyed, as well as branching out into new genres and improving his guitar skills. He was well into nurturing new talent and lending his knowledge, experience and expertise to the new generations of performers. He was very involved in organising musical events which involve a mixture of the “oldies” and the “newies”. He was a member of the group In Formation. Steve has travelled around the country performing both as a soloist and in the company of other local artists. His children seem to have inherited his love of music and have been nurtured by him. He is truly a legend and has been honoured as one of Durban’s Living Treasures. Since his passing tributes have flowed in from around the music/showbiz community and from the many fans who are forever grateful for the wonderful memories he has left. An interesting article on Steve by Nina Nakamura can be found here /
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Updated 05 April 2024
Here is a link to Rafs Mayet’s tribute to Steve Fataar here Here are the lyrics to a song that Steve and I wrote byt never quite completed The Flames Of Love
Updated 22 November 2020 In October 2002 on a trip to South Africa, I spent about four hours with Steve and his wife reminiscing. I was able to record part of our conversation. Steve was very softly spoken so I’ve had to amplify part of the recording. Hope it brings some sunshine to you as it does for me

Steve Talking To Bing

Rarities from Steve

In My Life at Zacks

In My Life (with Edries Fredericks)


(More recordings of Steve with In Formation)