The Kinsey Report
The Big 4 Another four-piece band that was popular among the dancing crowds. They were the resident band at the Lion Match Factory dances and performed at a number of hotels including The Moon in Clairwood. The Big 4 Consisted of Errol Johnson (Lead Guitar), Errol Schultz (Rhythm and Vocals) , Mac Bonhomme (Bass Guitar) and Peter Oliver (Drums). Errol Schultz has one of the most distinctive voices and singing styles, but all members of the group provided good vocal support. The two Errols provided most of the vocals. The group was the first to record for the Talent Mirror Organisation. The group recorded 3 singles including their most popular songs Like Strangers and Mocking Bird. These recordings can be heard on the TMO Recordings Page. (See more information on Errol Johnson here
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Updated 05 April 2024