The Kinsey Report
The Jets The Jets could be classed as South Afric’a answer to The Shadows. The group emanated from the Sydenham area and were close friends with The Flames. The original members were Cyril Francis (lead), Godfrey Daniels (rhythm & vocals), Ivan Daniels (bass) and Tony Lazarus(drums. Later Ortel Singh joined the group as a guitarist and harmony singer as Godfrey concentrated on lead singing. Other members who later were part of the Jets personnel were James Nelson, a soul singer, and Eugene Donnelly (12 string guitar). The Jets were originally more of an instrumental group, playing in the style of The Shadows. They won a Battle of The Beats Contest and Cyril, who was a great admirer of Hank B Marvin, won the Best Guitarist award. Later with the inclusion of Ortel and James augmenting Godfrey their repertoire included different genres of music. After the band disbanded Ortel Singh, who was both a guitarist and vocalist, embarked on a solo career and is still performing today, sometimes with Cyril Francis. He has been a mentor to many a young artist and is well respected in the industry.
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Updated 05 April 2024
Cyril Francis