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The Raiders

The Raiders were probably the most successful band from Durban in terms of record sales. They were essentially another dance band, but unique in the sense that the group did not include a saxophonist. The original line-up in the early sixties was Danny Harris (lead guitar), Dennis “Gunman” Franks (rhythm guitar), Deva Rungan (bass guitar) and Selva Rungan (Drums). The line-up in the late 60s was Eric Gabriel (lead guitar and vocals), Kenny Mentor (lead vocals], Don Alexander (rhythm guitar), Eugene Thompson (12 string guitar), Deva Rungan (bass guitar), Selva Rungan (drums) and Mohan (Percussion). This line-up lasted over 3 years. The group rose to prominence when they were signed to the Raj label. Their first LP called Guitars A Go Go - The Raiders Go Latin proved an immediate success. The standout track was Chez Gaye Kwela which was originally recorded by the El Ricas. They continued to perform mainly in the Durban area and went on to record many more albums, most of which are still available as CDs.
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The Raiders
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The Raiders Album "Guitars A Go-Go The Raiders Go Latin" was recorded in 1967 at Virginia Lee Studio in Broad Street Durban with Jimmy Moss as Recording Engineer.
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