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Zayn Adams
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Updated 05 April 2024
Zayn was one ofthe most talented and successful musicians to come from Cape Town. His interest in music was aroused at an early age as his father and brother were members of a local choir. He soon took up playing the guitar at the age of 11. His first break occurred when, at the age of 15, he was offered a spot with the Golden City Dixies. He also had success winning a number of music competitions and performing at clubs in Cape Town and surrounding areas. But it was when he joined the Pacific Express in the 1970s that his popularity began to soar, and he grew musically, writing and performing songs that would define his style. He was a balladeer, a performer of songs. He ventured overseas performing in the UK as well as Australia. Watch a wonderful interview featuring Zayn Adams and Jonathon Stevens on YouTube. Heres a link to the first in this six part series.
Blondie Chaplin and Zayn Adams