The Kinsey Report
Other Artists This section records information of some other artists who may not have made any commercial recordings, or else I don’t have much information on them. The program of the 1961 Natal Open Dance Band Competition contains pictures and information on many of the prominent bands of that era. To view Click Here The Vampires were from Chatsworth and featured Sidney Caine as the lead vocalist Pictured: Kubie Govinsamy, Sidney Cane, Victor Soul, Percy Frank, Gerald & Viggie Govinsamy The group did record an album, but I’ve been unable to trace a copy Here is a video of Robin Caine singing Rock Me Baby                                                                         Click on the picture to hear Sidney Caine sing Unchained Melody Bill and Mavis Roach Bill Roach was a fine guitarist who replaced Brian Pillay as the guitarist with The Blue Ricks. Mavis Roach was a wonderful singer who could be compared to Ella Fitzgerald. Nobody sang “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” like she did. One of my greatest regrets is not recording them. We had spoken about recording “I Left My Heart in San Franscisco” but didn’t get down to doing it. (Thanks to Daniel Louis Jettoo for tracing this picture) Paul McCarthy and Edna Newman were a popular duet that performed at many venues in Durban The Hi-Lites was a group that was often featured on the SABC on the Sunday Morning Indian Program Gene Rockwell and The Falcons were a popular group that appeared in a number of shows with artists  such as The Flames and The Jets. Los Pepitos were regular performers at The Butterworth Hotel. Eternally  Gum Boot Kwela
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The band originally consisted of Lulu Pillay (lead guitar), Sunny Pillay (vocals/rhythm guitar), Joe Moodley (bass guitar) and Chicken Morgan (drums). In 1961, Sunny Pillay left the band and was replaced by Johnny Soon. (Information and Photo Courtesy of Manny Gounden)
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Bobby Hendricks Bobby Hendricks was born in Caledon on the 7th February 1936 and died in 1999. Well known for his strict tempo dance music, he was popularly known as the ''King of Langarm.'' Bobby was posthumously awarded by the Western Cape Department of Environmental and Cultural Affairs for his exceptional contribution to the entertainment industry and for the five Gold Albums he produced. The municipality of Caledon named a street after the great man who brought so much joy to so many people. (Syd Williams)
The Rhythm Quavers Michael George  on Drums, Clement Sigamoney on Guitar, Henry Paul on Double Bass with Willy Joseph, Gambie George and Pickie Jeevanantham on Sax. (Brian George)
Eddie Gratino was a popular singer who appeared at the Bon Chance in the mid to late 60s. He might have been called The Calypso King. The song that I associate with him is Ole Man River

The Naked Truth

The El Ricas was one of the most popular bands from Johannesburg. They were the resident band at

the Chez Gaye night Club. Their saxophonist, Trevor Roskin, was recognised as one of the best.

Girl From Ipanema                                          Fiesta The Lyceum Combo was a band from Johannesburg that could be considered the rival of the El Ricas.

Dickie Loader and the Blue Jeans was a popular group based in Durban. Graham Beggs

was a member of this group. He later became one of the most successful record producers in South Africa.

Billy Forest, both as a solo artist as well as a member of The Dream Merchants must rate as one of

the most successful pop artists to emanate from South Africa. He also had a hit record under the name

Quenton E Klopjaegger.

Link to Billy Forrest Website

Eddie Watts

Eddie was called the “Engelbert Humperdinck” of South Africa. He was a popular vocalist at many venues  in Durban and surrounding areas. He became a member of the Golden City Dixies and toured throughout South Africa and Rhodesia

The Ray Kress Quintet was another of

the great dance bands of the 60s. Unfortunately

no recordings of the group exist, as far as I know.

The Dynachords

Roy Petersen was a versatile artist able to play piano, guitar and

drums. He was a member of the Golden City Dixies. He fell in love with

Durban and soon became a member of The Blue Ricks.

The Silhouettes This group from Johannesburg is still going strong.  See More
Johnny Soon and The Magnets
The Savoys Another one of the popular Dance Bands that performed mainly in the Durban area. At various times the following were members of the group: Roy and Shirley Simon, Russell Simon, Kevin Selling, Tennyson James, Lance James and Baby Duval. Lefty Johnson
Thandi Klaasens Gained quite a reputation as a wonderful singer often appearing at The Himalayas Hotel in Durban Here she perform Sophiatown